About Carmen

I come from the Island of Puerto Rico. A Tropical Haven, where my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins remained, while my Mother, married to a Puerto Rican, who became an American Service Man, was waiting for us to leave for Bremerhaven, Germany. He joined the Military to give us a better life.

It was a huge culture shock, and at 5, I really missed my grandparents. The culture shock never seemed to go away, it seemed like years, before I adjusted to 3 languages, new rules of behavior, and a lot of confusion, as we learned to adapt. During these days, my mom and I went to church a lot.

As the years went breezing by, I got married and had two children. I moved to British Columbia, and a few years after that, I found myself graduating from Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, British Columbia.

After teaching for some 18 years, someone ‘triggered me‘ by asking if I’d taken my ‘Reiki’ yet? I had no idea what it was! It was a strange word to me. I then contacted a local Practitioner and called my Mother.:)

My Mother informed me that they were happy that I had gotten a university education, and that they didn’t want to embellish on the family's abilities with me….? I was told that I had the DNA of a Shaman-Healer. In fact, all of the people on my Mother’s side honoured Spirituality and had gifts that assisted other people. My great-great Grandfather was a Shaman who would canoe over to a local waterfall, and shower, then paddled to a hut where people came for healing. They paid him with live chickens and goats, fresh fruit and vegetables! Apparently he was very good, compassionate, and had a thriving business.

All of this information was kept from me, as my parents were told that I had The Gift, too! My initial question was,“do you know what sage is?” Apparently, Grandpa used sweet-grass and sage as well! My Aunt was a Medium, my Grandmother a Healer, and my own Mother could pray and make most people well. I was in good company!

While I was busy teaching and living in northern BC, I met a Shaman who claimed that he was related to me by a past life. He taught me skills that helped me to integrate my Reiki-Master-Teacher training. Through my long travels with my family, and having to integrate so many cultures at once, it taught me that ‘we are all ONE’.

I believe that as we go through life, some good, some bad things happen to us. The purpose of these things is to open you up to your own awareness. If you follow the opening of your awareness, you start to see people differently. Every human being on this planet was planned by God and belongs here. Once you’ve taken that small step, your own ‘soul healing’ leads you to your Higher Self, your Higher Power, or whatever you want to call it.

One of the miracles of reiki is what it does for you. It opens your energy centers on your subtle anatomy and begins to flow white light through your body. As more Light reaches the energy centers, commonly known as “chakras”, the more awareness begins to fill your mind and body. This influx of energy helps you to see your personal world differently. The birds suddenly sound sweeter, the flowers have brighter colors, you love more deeply, and you even grasp concepts easier, helping you with your studies.

In February of 2009, I took clinical hypnotherapy. I was amazed at how hypnotherapy merged within the body of knowledge from reiki. It gave more form to the teachings from the Masters and it felt more integrated and whole.

In June 2015, my husband gave up the fight with cancer and passed away. Eight months before my father had passed away. He was a Vietnam Veteran, twice decorated. Within mid-summer of 2013, my mother passed away. The shock of her passing was very painful, but I could hear her saying, ‘chin-up’, you have work to do.

It has been a roller coaster ride for me, but all of this has shown me that there was a purpose in all of these deaths, for I was the caretaker of all of them, and I needed to move on. I AM free now to help Humanity move forward, and to grow. You never know where your journey will take you. Reiki has increased my interest in health matters, like better food, exercise, like-minded friends, and family.

You will find me knowledgeable, refreshing, ready to listen, and ready to share my teachings with you. I am grateful to be of service to anyone in crisis, curious, divorcing, grief and loss, pain relief from any illness, and spiritual guidance through counselling, as well as, those who want a vocation in the healing arts and are looking for a teacher.

I welcome all of you. I wish you well.

I Am Carmen. The creator of this website.

May Peace and Love walk with you.


Mission Statement

I am dedicated, and committed, to my own spiritual journey, which began when I was 8 Years old. Thus, I have respect and honour for those who desire to connect to their own Spirits for divine growth, healing, guidance and inspiration.

I allow myself to be a conduit for Spirit, in order to assist others on their spiritual path, no matter what race, background, or walk of life they are coming from.

Non-judgement. Love. Caring. Peace, will be found within the glory of their Higher Self, one step at a time.

With love and gratitude,

Carmen St. Pierre,
B.Ed., CHt. Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medium




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