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For most people who haven’t heard about ‘personal healing’ or ‘Reiki’ or anything else having to do with energy work…they wonder? “How can you heal someone over the telephone?” That’s a good question, and I’m going to try and answer it for you.

In the tradition of the Japanese healing method known as, ‘Usui Traditional Reiki Healing’, we are taught using various symbols to utilize the universal light energy, that is a Source of Gold Energy from God, or the Universe. These symbols are passed on to us by our Reiki Master-Teacher, who, through an initiation, passes a symbol that is equal to calling-on-God when we have a problem and need help. That help is then passed on to the person in need. The symbols are used to access the spiritual guidance given to us at birth by God, to assist us in getting well. Since the request is normally seen as appropriate for that person, permission is given to proceed.

Only once, in my 35 year experience with Reiki, have I seen permission denied. That was between that person and God, and they would not allow the energy to proceed without the consciousness for it.

It is customary to pray and meditate, with permission from the client, before doing any distance work. By the time the person gets on the telephone, the energy is already aligned for that person, and ready to do its work.

A person will normally go through a 21 day cleanse after having had any kind of healing work, massage, or Reiki. This is due to the process of scoffing off the toxins that are in the body so that actual healing work can begin.

Sometimes mild cold symptoms may appear, a scratchy throat, more emptying of fluids, or the body may require more rest. Drink plenty of fluids, take the time to pray, meditate and reflect; allow the energy to do its work. Soon you will have more clarity, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, and ready to start your life again.

The more reiki treatments that you receive, the more your awareness opens up, your intuition is refreshed, and life becomes more joyous.

Reiki is a Japanese method of healing and is not tied to any religion, or spiritual practice. The purpose of Reiki is to open the energy centers in the body, flow the meridians with the Universal Light energy in order to promote healing for the body.

I say “Namaste” (Blessings) to anyone who has opened up to this healing path, and “welcome”, to anyone who is thinking about trying it.

Please contact me to set up healing for you when you are ready.



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