Carmen offers many types of healings and each healing is unique to each of her clients, using a variety of healing methods:





Long Distance Healing


Most of my healing gifts, and healing energy come from my personal ancestry. The methods that I use for healing are directed by my Inner Self and courses in Reiki and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I’ve also read every book in the reference section, and have read volumes of books at home. I practice my art on friends and neighbours, and am always looking for answers from the Divine.

Reiki is a hands-on method of healing that was originally from Japan and brought to the mainland of Hawaii by our Grand-Master, Mrs. Takata. It is a system that uses initiations and symbols to access the Universal Light of God. The energy is then passed on to the practitioner.

Reiki is given with the client fully clothed. A session may last up to 60-90 minutes. The energy is very intelligent and knows exactly where to go to heal the pain. I am a Reiki Master-Teacher and I presently teach levels 1 and 2, to groups or iIndividuals.

Please email me, along with your telephone number, if you wish to experience a session, or learn how to teach reiki.

I added clinical hypnotherapy to my list of skills because I knew how the physical body reacted to the Universal Energy, but also wanted to know how to heal trauma’s and relax people into healing themselves.

I also practice some forms of shamanism.

I do clearings and soul retrievals, I use sage to clear and heal, and gemstones with meditation.

My Great-Great Grandparents were of Puerto Rican native descent. I have learned many methods of healing the spirit that were passed down from them, as well as my mother. I am a fully psychic-medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and can see, talk and hear the spirit world.

This is a bonus for my clients because I have every method available to me, to help you with your path, or with your body, mind and spirit.

Prices will be shared upon receiving an email requesting information, and bookings.

Please email me at carmen@steppingstonestohealing.com.

It will be a pleasure to hear from you.



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