Archangel Readings



I am able to connect you with your Angels, Higher Self, Guardian Angel and your own Divine I Am Presence. These Energies have been with you since before you were born. They look out for you, and life is a lot easier when you know for sure that you are being Guided.

I come from a Christian background and have always gone to Church. I do not agree that getting a Reading is against God, or serving the dark forces. We are living in a Time that is very confusing, fearful, and scattered.

Getting a ready prepares you to cope with your Now, and opens you to new perspectives, and youíll feel a stronger connection with yourself.

Your alignments help you to connect to your own spiritual realm, so you can help yourself.

I always clear myself after any Spiritual work, and itís not true that you would be controlled.

I teach you to have Faith and Trust in yourself, and in God, however you decide to Honor Him.




I teach people to ground themselves before I do a reading.

This keeps your energy on the planet, underneath your feet.

I do various card readings, plus I get advice from a personís Guides, and pass that teaching on to you.

I contact Archangels, Angels, your deceased Loved One, and your Guides and Guardian Angels. The method that I use when you come will depend upon your beliefs, and what we agree on. All readings are done the same way.

Please email me at for information and bookings.




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