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Reiki is so powerful, that Carmen wanted to be able to share Reiki with you - as a way for you to heal through a treament or if you wanted to learn Reiki through her unique Training Centre.Master Reiki Symbol


Benefits of Reiki

Grandmasters of Reiki

Dr. Usui
Dr. Usui
Dr. Hayashi
Dr. Hayashi
Mrs. Takata
Mrs. Takata

There are many benefits to reiki, whether you are receiving a reiki treatment or are giving one. Reiki:

  • Is used for chronic, acute and transitional conditions

  • Promotes your body’s natural healing capabilities

  • Promotes deep relaxation and a calm mind

  • Works to help re-balance the body’s energy flow

  • Balances organs and glands and their corresponding bodily functions

  • Strengthens and harmonizes your body’s immune system and clears toxins within the body

  • Promotes relief of stress, pain, suffering, the effects of trauma

  • Releases emotional blockages and suppressed feelings

  • Releases old thought patterns that no longer serve your highest good

  • Helps raise self-esteem

  • Creates inner peace, fulfillment, sense of calm, balance and wholeness in your life

  • Facilitates creativity

  • Enhances personal awareness and intuitive capabilities and promotes connection to your Higher Self and Life Purpose

  • Pomotes conscious self-awareness and self-realization



Reiki Treatments: 1 ½ hours





Traditional Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master-Spiritual Teacher

Reiki Classes

Reiki Level I


12 hours of study, manual included and a receipt for tax purposes.

Level I includes:

  • Each student will receive a private Attunement, no matter how many students are enrolled.
  • A special day is set aside for the Sacred Attunement process, for journaling, prayer and meditation. Formal instruction begins the following day.
  • What is Reiki?
  • The history of Reiki
  • The 5 Reiki principles
  • How Reiki can be applied to all life
  • Ethics in healing work
  • Grounding energy
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Reiki sounds ( bells, Tibetan bowl, native rattle, etc.)
  • Invocations and creating your sacred space
  • Introduction to the first Reiki symbol
  • Introduction to healing cleanse of the 7 chakra’s
  • How to do a Reiki self-treatment (the hand positions)
  • How to do a Reiki treatment on others (the different hand positions)
  • A sharing of books and materials
  • An introduction to crystals
  • Hands-on experience
  • You will receive a Reiki First Degree Certificate
  • Classes will be held according to the student’s time frame and availability

Reiki Level II


Prerequisites: Level I Certification and a list of hands-on practices on family, friends, and pets. There will be a 6 month waiting period for integration and practice between all levels.

12 hours of study, manual included and a receipt for tax purposes.

Level II includes:

  • Attunement process as per Level I
  • A review of Level I skills and Reiki symbol
  • Review of the chakra system
  • Introduction of the 3 Reiki symbols pertaining to Level II
  • How to use them for healing, for releasing unwanted habits, for empowerment goals
  • Distant symbol
  • Practicing the distance symbol with a teddy bear
  • Ways to do the distance healing
  • More practice with sound instruments to clear energy
  • Meditation and prayers
  • Students must keep a journal of healing experiences and personal reflections
  • Students must demonstrate a professional manner and attitude towards holistic healing and show a sincere desire to help others
  • You will receive a Reiki Second Degree Certificate

Advanced Reiki


Prerequisites: Reiki Certification for Levels I and II and a diary of Reiki healing and activities for a 3 month period. This level is only mandatory if one is considering teaching at the Master’s Level.

12 hours of Instruction, manual included and a tax receipt.

Advanced Reiki includes:

  • Review of Reiki Levels I and II
  • Review of how attunement works
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Receive Advanced Reiki Attunement
  • Discussion and practice of the Usui master symbol
  • Meditation using the master symbol
  • How to clear negative energy using white sage
  • How to manifest goals
  • Aura clearing
  • Use of crystals in healing
  • Grounding and running energy
  • Discussion on spirit guides and power animals
  • Sound instruments
  • Review of the chakras and clearing negativity from the chakras
  • Discussion on personal goals for Reiki
  • Self-Reiki
  • Certificate showing completion of the Advanced Reiki Level

Reiki Master-Teacher

This level is to be privately discussed with me. Please contact me directly to arrange training at this level.

All classes are taught at my home. Classes are taught on a one-on-one basis or a group of up to 5 students. Carmen prefers this way of teaching because it assures you personalized attention and you are able to develop a working relationship with your Master-Teacher. All classes are casual and loose fitting clothing is recommended to be comfortable.

If you would like to schedule a Reiki class, or a Reiki session, please contact Carmen.



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