Hypnosis Works!
Hypnosis is changing my life! I’ve seen Carmen three times now, and I can feel nothing but calmness, and a complete feeling of serenity. The tranquility is so lasting that I feel nothing can bring me down. It brings a whole new meaning to be ‘high on life’! Carmen is absolutely amazing, and a life savoir!

~Mary-Anne F., Calgary, AB
Student, age 17

When I had my first Healing with Carmen, I was an alcoholic and had no idea who she was, or what she was. Someone recommended her to me. She removed the demon of drink from me and within months I was sober. After about 6 years I found myself sober but, alone and unhappy. I did not socalize with anyone. I contacted Carmen about a Telephone Reading and am so thankful to report that with her love and guidance, I have become a happy, hopeful and spiritual person. I am so thankful to Carmen and highly recommend her.

Thank you - with Love

~ Gayle
Grand Prairie, AB, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that my children are thrilled with their sessions with you. They are more focused, balanced, calm and confident since you worked with them and are looking forward to their next visit!

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

My own time with Carmen was a powerful experience. Her connection to Spirit is strong. Her love is deep. Her desire to help others find their way and to heal is sincere. I know she puts a lot of time into preparing herself to serve each of her clients’ best interests and greatest purpose ~ this is evident in the strength and effectiveness of her healing sessions. It is my hope that everyone has an opportunity to work with Carmen or someone as gifted and loving as she is.

With respect and admiration,

~ Leah, Andrew and Taylor
Carmen is a wonderful lady! I always feel refreshed when I leave, and it seems like I always have something positive to think about!
~Carol G., Calgary, AB
I recently recieved my Reiki Level 1 Attunement from Reiki Master- Spiritual Healer, Carmen St.Pierre. My Reiki class was very thorough. Carmen's background as an Elementary school teacher makes her good at explaining things in a clear way. She has been a Reiki Master - Teacher for many years and is able to share her experience, as well as, pass along what her Master Teacher taught her. I am delighted to have Her as my Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. I look forward to taking my other 3 Attunements with her. Thank you, Carmen, for the invaluable help as I embark on my light path.
Lisa Rummel
Queen Charlotte's, B.C.
If you are looking for a supportive, compassionate reading or healing, then you are in the right place.  Since my reading with Carmen, my energy has increased and my heart has opened up to the many possibilities life is offering me.  I highly recommend Carmen as a healer and teacher.  I am so glad I came across her site.
Rainbow Lake, AB


I had the priviledge of meeting Carmen 2 years ago. We became fast friends and I totally trust her. Carmen's tarot card readings are very accurate. I have also had several healings from Carmen, which are very calming and relaxing. Carmen, you are a lifelong friend and I will always be there for you.
Cindy Smith
Kitimatt, BC

Dear Carmen,

When you gave me my reading you said that you thought  my job might last me 9 weeks because you could see the number nine for some reason.  Well it has pretty much been nine weeks since my reading.  I still have that job ( it is so part time it is considered casual) but I was hired for another job today.  It's only part time but it couldn't have come at a better time. Thought you just might have wanted to know.

Take care


Feb1, 2006
I called Carmen to set up a half a session tarot and angel reading over the phone, as I live in a different province. When I talked with her I was quite surprised to fine out that she had already contacted my spirit guide (even before my reading was to take place). She explained to me that after talking with my spirit guide I needed a full reading. She gave me a full reading at no additional cost. I thank Carmen for her dedication to others.

She has a kind heart and her selfless ways have helped me more than I could ever have guessed. The minute she picked up the phone I knew things were going to be alright. Had I known that her spirit and kindness were so powerful I wouldn't have waited so long to contact her.

Prince George, BC
Thank you for your words of hope. Gail and I so enjoyed our special time with you. Thank you very much Carmen for all of your time trying to sort out my resistance to the healing process and for your thoughtful email that you sent to reassure me that all is well. We wish you continued success in doing what you love and what you were meant to do. Take care of yourself and we will meet again
~ Polly

I cannot express in words my immense gratitude for being able to work with Carmen. Her pleasant personality is both uplifting and healing. My reading with Carmen was very professional and effective.

After the reading, I immediately noticed that I had a stronger connection to my guide and angels. Physically, I felt much more grounded and renewed. As a result of my session with Carmen, I am now able to receive divine guidance in my life on a daily basis! Thank-you Carmen for putting me on my good and gracious path :)

~ Vali
Kelowna, BC
Hi Carmen,
I wanted to let you know just how much Ienjoyed the class on intuition. You have such a gift, the way you put the information on the subject was very easy to follow, and is very easy to put into pratice. The class had such a relaxing atmosphere, where I felt able to open myself up, I thank you so much for you time, until I see you again, Love
~ Kim
I attended a course that Carmen was teaching. I really enjoyed myself. I loved it! The atmosphere was very relaxed and inviting. She is a great teacher and an even greater person. I would recommend Carmen to everyone.
~ Carol
I had the pleasure of attending Carmen St. Pierre's Workshop on Developing Intuition. I found the workshop very informative and enjoyable. Carmen is an engaging speaker who speaks from experience. I found her to be kind and considerate. I felt comfortable sharing ideas in the friendly environment povided. She prepared us an excellent take- home booklet, and I was able to buy a stunning Lemurian crystal too!
~ Lisa Rummel
Queen Charlotte's, BC

What a joy it was to finally meet Carmen in person, after Rose and I had formed a bond with her through emails. We feel like she is our Dear Sister.

The workshop in Prince George was so charged with spiritual love and energy.

It was a joy to see the look of incredible amazement on clients faces after their healing and reading, remarking on what a spiritual experience it was for them, on how Carmen had the ability to communicate with their spirit guides.

Also she spent additional time with many to council. There was many tears, hugs and laughter shared.

Kelowna, BC




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