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My business and focus are on helping you to become your 'Own Higher Self’.

At ‘Stepping Stones’ I apply all of the therapies that are necessary for balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that are around you. Once you come through the door, it is your health and well-being that I am concerned about.



See fee schedule.

The Body is supported through Reiki and Sound Healing and Shamanic Clearings. I assist you in supporting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Experiencing these modalities, whether healthy, or in times of stress, helps you to grow in your spiritual journey, heal, and blossom into your Empowerment. All will be well in your World.



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The Techniques below are modalities that may be utilized, in discussion with you, in addressing your current healing needs.

Also, a brief Health History is taken, to summarize, what your health concerns are.



Reflexology is a technique where you apply pressure to trigger points at the bottoms of the feet to help move the energy in the body and to assist it to flow easier. Each reflex point is related to organs and parts of the body. Balancing and manipulation of the pressure points brings flowing energy, freshness to the whole body, mind and spirit, thus providing grounding to naturally occur.



Aromatherapy is used during Reflexology, and also, a few of the other therapies as well. Essential oils will scent the rooms, creating relaxation, and to flow a stress-free environment.


Spiritual Guidance

Some people may need Spiritual Guidance to help them express their inner core feelings that they’ve been hiding from others as well as themselves. These feelings must be released before your abundance can occur. Releasing stagnant feelings may happen through counselling, or a booked session of Spiritual Healing-Reiki. Compassionate care is given to those clients that request it. Assistance comes from my many years of being an elementary teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, doing spiritual attunements and shamanic healings. Through spiritual guidance, the help comes from your own Angels, Guides, and Archangels. You are not alone.


Spiritual Attunements

Spiritual Attunements are connections that are made through your Spiritual Teacher, your Angels and Guides that you want to be awakened, assisted, and for your Energy to flow effortlessly. This action causes more fulfillment in the individual, unique feelings of love from the Higher Self within, success in all endeavors, and more happiness in work and in their environment. This attunement will bring tears to your eyes, to learn that we are All One, and part of God.

Attunements are an alignment, an intuitive tool to help you make clear decisions and figure out problems with certainty in your heart.

It is a procedure, and not a reading that is done for you. Let us know what your needs are when you make the initial contact.



Hypnosis is another therapy that I use to assist people to get the subconscious mind out of the way, so they can hear their own thoughts, instead of chatter, chatter, chatter!!!

Hypnosis-Meditation is used to help clients get through issues, and move on to the fun part of their lives!

You never lose consciousness - you are placed in a light, meditative state, where you don’t lose control, but are in a suggestive state, to listen as to how to beat the ‘chatter chat’ in your head!

Grounding your energy field, and prayers are conducted before any work is done. Three (3) appointments are recommended, in order for it to be more effective. Packages are offered, for your convenience.


Archangel Readings

Archangel Readings incorporate help from the angelic and spiritual guide realm, or from an animal totem, for those who honor those beliefs. The service helps you to connect to your Higher Power, and helps you to bridge your beliefs with those that are watching and protecting you on the other side This helps you to find your own, individual path. During this session, I will also teach you how to ground your energies to the earth, so that you are grounded within your body, mind, and spirit. A short counselling session will take place before the session so that I know what your expectations are. Please bring something wiht which to take notes. Remember that we are all different and may believe in different deities. And this is all ok. No judgements are made. Archangel readings can be done on the phone, or on Skype. Pre-payment is required.



A Clearing session will clear the energy fields and the chakra system of old worn-out energies, entities and stuck energies that are not flowing smoothly and need to move on to make room for free flowing energies and better health. When you start to feel sluggish, fatigued, stressed-out, foggy-minded and “not in your body” that you need to book a session in order to feel refreshed and rejuvenated again.


Transformational Violet Flame Reiki

This is a form of hands-on healing that is passed on by the Reiki Master-Teacher to the recipient of universal light energy, also called Reiki. Reiki originated in Japan, and was introduced to the western world by a student, named Mrs. Takata. I fall within this ancestry group coming from Japan, and it is called “Traditional Usui Tibetan Reiki Healing”.

I’ve also taken the Initiations for the Violet Flame Reiki, which adds another concept of clearing to the healing energy. The energy flows throughout the body. The energy centers are cleared and balanced. Energy centers lie within the subtle anatomy from the head and reaching to the perineum, knees, and toes, then circulates again to the top of the head. The energy is also very intelligent and directs itself to where the body needs the most healing without the direction of the Master Healer. This treatment leaves you feeling refreshed, joyous and rejuvenated. Frequent treatments results in a clearer, awakened inner eye and an increased spiritual connection. You will feel AT ONE with everyone, and the planet. CLASSES ARE OFFERED AT THE LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 11 Reiki.


Wise Woman Talks

If you have any questions about my services, and wish to meet me ahead of booking, you can book one of these Wise Woman Talks to discuss the session with me that you’re interested in, or nervous about, and I will walk you through it until you reach an understanding. Half hour or hour sessions are available.


Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth is defined as growing through connecting with your “Higher Power”, whatever that is for you. This Connection will bring you mental clarity, happiness, growth, Inner Peace, loving friends, and a healthier environment with a brighter future. If you are happy, you grow magnetic to others as well, and that makes everyone happy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

using affirmations to change mindsets and unsuccessful behaviors.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy

changing how we speak so the subconscious mind doesn’t create what we don’t want.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Using Hypnosis and Counselling to resolve issues.


Stress Reduction

Using counselling coping skills to bring awareness to the mind, as to what is causing the stress, and then, applying different strategies to help support the individual.


Mindfulness Therapy - Meditation

Teaching meditation and breathing techniques to enhance peace and tranquility.




Fee Schedule

Basic 30 Minute Reading

After a brief introduction to a general question, a 3-card Spread will be drawn and guidance given accordingly. This is my contribution to people who need a reading and are short on funds. 30 minutes $30 Donation

In-depth Tarot-Mediumship Reading with Free 3-Card Angel Spread

This reading is meant for a deeper issue, and goes into past, present and future circumstances. 1 hour, 15 min $80 Donation

A Message from Your Personal Angels

A general message from your angels, typed and emailed for you to read. One personal question is allowed to be added. You must provide your birthday, and full name, email address, and telephone number. I will call you and share the reading with you.   $70 Donation

A Channeling from Your Guide

Your most earnest question is answered, typed, and emailed to you. You must submit your full name, email address and telephone number. I will call and share the reading with you.   $70 Donation

Telephone Healing: Teaching Grounding, Clearing Negative Energy and Filling the Chakra’s with Light

Can be combined with a reading (must be arranged ahead of time). 1 hour $100 Donation

Higher Self-Attunements and Connection

Telephone healing with the additional connection to the higher self and I Am presence connection. 1 ½ hours $120 Donation

Simple Clearing

If you’ve had a former healing and clearing session with me, you can email for just a clearing to be done. 30 min $50 Donation

A Basic Counselling-Guidance Session

A problem can be discussed, and counselling and guidance is given over the telephone. 30 min $50 Donation
  1 hour $100 Donation

All bookings are done through email, then, I provide you with personal xontact information.

Payments can be done through PayPal / email payment to Askamra@shaw.ca Or, if in Canada, bank deposits can be done at CIBC under my personal name.


Thank you for Honouring Yourself!



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